Undoubtedly Mario Bros and his countless versions broke the structure of the entertainment world and is proven in his appearances years after years since its inception. You’ll see it in his pipes fighting turtles, running carting races, swimming, flying, being Dr. Mario and a thousand maps to discover.

In this fan page we will share all the information about this great character that accompanied us for so long.

Mario Bros

Mario Bros, perhaps the biggest of the mythical characters in the video games. Nintendo’s icon for decades and still captivating in his gamer adventures. It has marked a change, a before and after in the world of video games. (

Litle Story about Mario Bros

This character has been with us since 1981 when he first appeared in a video game, but not under the name Mario Bros but as the princess hero in “Donkey Kong”. In this game you would dedicate yourself level after level to trying to rescue the princess held by the huge gorilla. On this occasion his name was not Mario, but “Jumpman”.

It is a vertical level game where the little hero climbs floor to floor dodging wooden barrels that the big gorilla throws at him. It was a video game that generated a lot of audience engagement that they were already beginning to understand that the synonym of entertainment was beginning to change.

Donkey Kong, the anteroom of the first Mario Bros. / capture – –

Mario Bros Beginnings

In 1982 its creator, Miyamoto, decided that this character would take a world and adventures of his own. It was then that Mario Bros began, created for the first installment of the successful saga of the games “Mario Bros” that would accompany Nintendo for so long.

Inspired by the basics of the game Dokey kong, Mario bros was born as his own video game with identical dynamics. Mario moves vertically, floor by floor, dodging and eliminating turtles that attempt to attack him and trying to earn reward coins. A big change would include Mario’s younger brother, “Luigi Bros”, who would be his great adventure companion over the years. It’s your game was the big start of “multiplayer games”

The beginning of Mario bros. A video game that marked the story in the world of entertainment

A video game that marked the story in the world of entertainment. – Capture / –

Mario Evolution after years

It was in 1985 that Mario Bros left the vertical scrolling behind to be a video game with horizontal and two dimensions scrolling. The revolution of arcade and console video games began, it was introduced to the world Super Mario Bros.Its map consists of blocks which some can break, and pipes that store passageways and secret levels.With the same goal as his predecessor video game, Mario must manage to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser (an oversized turtle that kidnapped the princess). Peach is being held while a large army of turtles tries to stop Mario Bros and his brother Luigi from rescuing her.

Super Mario Bros, icon of video games and door to entertainment on consoles and arcade. / capture - -

Super Mario Bros, is the game that held for many years the record of sales of games on consoles / capture –


While Mario Bros games were originally created for arcade, they gradually occupied the terrain of video game consoles by Nintendo’s hand. In the 1980s the video game record was contested by “Space Invaders” or “Pacman” and some other, but it was Super mario who broke all records reaching more than 40 million sales.

A long time passed to this day and Mario Bros, along with Luigi, continue to dazzle with his adventures and evolution in the way he played. Today, thanks to the advancement of video game consoles, we see Mario Bros running races, Luigi with his own game and many more that Nintendo has us used to launching.

Mario Bros Games

We leave for informational purposes some of the most popular and other modern games that this great friend, Mario Bros, has waiting for us. Visit (

  • Mario Bros
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Super Mario Bros2
  • Super Mario Bros3
  • Super Mario World
  • Mario Kart
  • Mario Tennis
  • Mario Golf
  • Thousands more titles. Tell us which one you like.

Game recommendations

From this page we encourage the use of original software (always), so we recommend purchasing or downloading Mario Bros games on author pages or resellers. On this page we will leave you the links to the points of sale and download mario Bros.

There are many games similar to the ones we talked about and they are really spectacular to which we ask you to try them all and tell us how you do in it. At we will leave you all the free download links for you to enjoy. Yes! there are free Mario Bros games!! Visit our links to download them.

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